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Seeing Today's Industry, and Reading about Tomorrow's --
As a technical newspaper, the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun focuses on all areas of business and industry from both macro and micro perspectives, providing necessary information for work and business activities. MONODZUKURI, small- and medium-sized enterprises, and technology have been our lifeblood since the first issue was published 1915, and we take pride in the wealth of information we provide.
It is expected that the first half of 21st century will see economic and social innovations on par with those of England's 18th and 19th century Industrial Revolution. In this age, we will continue to report on the changing shape of industry, delivering the latest information from the front lines of industry every day with the same passion that we always have.


The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun's main industrial categories include;

  • automobiles and auto parts
  • information and telecommunication
  • electronics
  • machinery and machine tools
  • environment and energy
  • materials and medical
  • construction
  • finance and stocks
  • science and technology
  • university and business-academia collaboration
  • small- and medium-sized enterprises and businesses.

We respond to the needs of industries and of our readers by specifically devoting a lot of space to automobile and auto parts, electronic devices, information technology, machinery, MONODZUKURI, and high-tech businesses.
In addition, we make concerted effort to layout page space for popular themes such as the environment, business-academia collaboration, and intellectual property.
The regional editions consist of East Japan and West Japan, which together cover all regions throughout the country. From our network of 43 news offices located throughout the Japanese archipelago with branch offices in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Seibu (Fukuoka) areas, we deliver news nationwide regarding measures taken by local government; trilateral collaboration between industry, academia, and government; and urban development.

The risk management section is one not seen other newspapers. Company security and safety have been become one of society's key phrases; the importance of risk management is rapidly increasing as the foundation of company's future existence.

There are also seminar, opinions and "New Products Flash" sections every Mondays for readers to enjoy. The sections do not focus on any particular industry. The seminar section is for academic experts and think tank professionals to give explanations regarding international economy and industrial problems.
The opinion sections have contributions from business manager and top business world leaders.
In addition, there is a section called "Weekend" that appears on Fridays. This section is easy reading on topics including friendship, leisure, health, and food.