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Feeling the four seasons through town magazines--

Town Information Magazine

The town information magazine has been published as the ‘Metro Guide’ in Tokyo through cooperation with the Teito Rapid Transit Authority (presently Tokyo Metro) since January 1995. Since then, the ‘Nagoya Metro Guide’ has seen publication in Nagoya through a tie-up with the Transportation Bureau City of Nagoya.
These guides are full of seasonal topics and feature articles matched to each region's special character. They employ a large number of full-color pages and come in a tabloid-style size that is easy to carry, and are well loved by their many readers, who can pick up the paper free of charge.

The ‘Metro Guide’,which boasts is proud a circulation of one million copies

The Metro Guide, which reports useful information about Tokyo and surrounding areas through all seasons, is issued on the fifth of the month (12 times in a year) at 138 Tokyo Metro stations. It is a paper worth reading,as it covers a variety of topics including New Year shrine visits, cherry-blossom viewing, summer festivals, autumn stories, and Christmas.

‘Nagoya Metro Guide’,whose readers reap the rewards

The Nagoya Metro Guide is full of the latest information about Nagoya, a city steeped in history, and provides information so that readers can reap the rewards. It is published 4 times a year (spring, summer, autumn, and winter).