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New Products Information

A comprehensive information paper and magazine with the largest circulation in Japan--

New Products Information

The monthly magazine and tabloid newspaper “New Electronics and Mechatronics Product Information” is registered with the Japan Audit Bureau of Circulations. It boasts the largest-circulation (39,000 copies) of all comprehensive information papers in Japan, and has been used as a powerful selling tool for many companies

A reputation for reliable information and high quality reader response

Publishing and advertisement of new products information in the magazine is popular as a powerful media tool for companies and their activities. The magazine receives over 35,000 reader requests per month from throughout Japan for documents that they would like to use for sales promotion and new product development.

Various articles and feature reports based on a particular topic

The magazine publishes feature articles by field. These articles are incredibly useful for collecting information regarding readers and users. We provide a variety of content, including articles on new products trends, and new technology, in-depth articles including notable products, topics, and software digests, and offers fresh topics for readers and advertising clients.