Application Procedures

Booth Rental Fee

JPY 388,800 per 1 booth (incl. tax)

1 booth (Opening 2.97m x Depth 2.97m x Height 2.7m) Approx. 9m2

How to Apply to Exhibit

Fill in the required items in the Exhibitor Application Form and send it to the secretariat.
Please note that your application may not be accepted if the contents of the proposed exhibit do not suit the objectives of this exhibition.

Application Deadline

July 31 (Mon), 2017
※ Kindly note that application will be closed earlier than the deadline when all spaces are booked.

Secretariat Contact

International Robot Exhibition 2017
Event Business Department, Event Group
14-1 Nihonbashi Koami-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 103-8548
TEL: +81-3-5644-7221 FAX: +81-3-5641-8321

Exhibit Fee Payment

Upon confirmation of the application form, the secretariat will issue an invoice.
Please be sure to pay the booth fee within one month from the date you received the invoice.

Change or Cancellation of Exhibit Contracts

Any changes or cancellations shall be made in writing and approved by the secretariat.
Following cancellation fees will be charged.

Application acceptance → August 31, 2017
50% of Booth Rental Fee
September 1, 2017 or after
100% of Booth Rental Fee

Booth Layout

Inline Booths

  • Booth dimensions – Entrance: 2.97m, Depth: 2.97m.
  • A back wall, partition and company signboard will be provided (W45cm×H30cm)
  • A system panel will be used as the partition (white surface).
  • For corner booths, side walls will not be erected on the aisle side.

Peninsular Booths & Island Booths

  • For the surface area, entrance width and depth of the booths, please refer to the dimensions in the diagram shown to the right.
  • A partition and a company sideboard will be provided (W45cm×H30cm).
  • A system panel will be used as the partition (white surface).
  • Signboards will be positioned somewhere in plain sight after each booth has been completed by the organizers.
  • The positioning and dimensions of the island booth will be clearly marked on the floor.

Decoration Regulations

< Height restrictions on decorations >

  • There is no height restriction regarding the exhibited devices and systems.

Decorations within the booth shall be as per the following.

  • Inline booths: 2.7m or less (If set back 1m from aisles and foundation panels and less than 3.6m)
    (Note)Refer to Fig. 1
  • Peninsular booths: 3.6m or less (If set back 1m from aisles and foundation panels and less than 4.5m)
    (Note)Refer to Fig. 2
  • Island booths: 3.6m or less (Set back 1m from aisles and foundation panels and less than 4.5m)
    (Note1) Refer to Fig. 3
    (Note2) For peninsular booths, the height restriction on decorations adjacent to the partition is 2.7m but can be up to 4.5m if there is a space of 1m)

< Prohibition of Fully-enclosed Booths >

When erecting a structure (wall, etc) the wall width must be less than half the width of the booth itself.
The remaining half must be of a see-through structure (glass, louvers, parapet). Also, ensure any walls, shelves etc. are 90cm or less in height.
(Note) Refer to Fig. 4

Decision on booth locations

The secretarial will decide the location of booths by taking into consideration such matters as exhibit field, exhibit scale, and past exhibit records. Kindly note that requests for specific booth locations are not accepted.


※ Exhibitor Orientation Session

The exhibitor orientation session is scheduled in early September. In the exhibitor orientation session, booth allocation is announced, and the codes for delivery / removal, decoration, fire / accident prevention, electric work and other precautions are explained using the Exhibitor Manual. For those who are not able to attend the session, the secretariat will send the Exhibitor Manual.