Please refer to the below for inquiries.
We sincerely look forward to your visit.

You may get the admission once you register to any one of the following exhibitions! ; “International Robot Exhibition 2017”, “Parts Feeder Exhibition 2017”, “Pan-Exhibition for Wash and Clean 2017”, “SAMPE JAPAN 2017”, “Monodzukuri Matching Japan”.

1.FAQ / About admission and entry

Do children have admission to the venue?
Children age of 15 or under are free of admission charge (Registration also unnecessary). A person age of 16 and above needs either web registration or an invitation for free admission. Please note that this exhibition is mainly for business purpose. We sincerely ask visitors with children to take good care of them in order to avoid any unexpected accidents.
Do I have to belong to a company or organization for admission?
No. Although a person age of 16 or above costs 1000JPY, those who registered or have an invitation can enter for free admission.
How can I enter the venue multiple times during the exhibition?
Single entry pass allows you to enter the venue multiple times. If you wish to visit the venue more than once during the exhibition period, please keep your entry pass to yourself and don’t return it to the ‘Return Box’ at the exit.
Should any specific application be needed if we plan to visit the venue in a group?
Application for Gorup Registration has been closed. Kindly bring an invitation card respectively or make online registration.
Does entry pass for east hall allow me to enter west hall?
No. You need respective entry passes for each hall. However, you may enter for free by registering again at exclusive reception at the venue.
Is there a parking lot in Tokyo Big Sight?
There is a tool parking lot in the Tokyo Big Sight. However we recommend visitors to use public transportation as significant traffic congestion is expected during the exhibition. Please note that there is no free parking lot in Tokyo Big Sight.
Can we visit by motor coach?
Yes. Please enter from the gate located between east hall and conference tower. Staffs at the east hall will guide you for aboard and alighting. Please note that we may ask you to use a tool parking lot considering the amount of vehicle visiting the venue. Also, please make sure to submit ‘Group Registration’ for a group entry.
Do I need a business card for entry?
No. However, we will ask you to provide us your personal information (e.g. Name, Address, Phone No., e-mail,).
How can I get to the venue?
The nearest railway station to Tokyo Big Sight is ‘Kokusai-Tanjijyo’ station (Rinkai line), or ‘Kokusai-Tenjijyo Seimon’ station (Yurikamome line). For details, please refer to the official website of Tokyo Big Sight.
Can I dine at Tokyo Big Sight?
There are several restaurants in Tokyo Big Sight (Please refer to the official website of Tokyo Big Sight for details.). We are also offering some refreshments in the venue.
How do I know the name of exhibitors and the location of their booths in the venue?
We are showing the exhibitors list and the floor map of the venue on our website. Please visit the website for each exhibition.

2.FAQ / About simultaneous events

Do I have to register to attend the simultaneous event?
Although those who registered for the event have the priority for the seats, you may attend paid and/or free events without registration only if there are vacancies (*However please note that registration does not necessarily assure your seat).
What if registration cannot be made as there is no vacancy?
We will ask on-site applicants to queue for on-site registration 30 min. before the opening time. Seats will be open for them 10 min. before the opening time only when there are vacancies. Please be advised that we cannot assure your seat even if you queue up for the on-site registration.
What if I forgot to bring the printed entry pass for a simultaneous event?
As long as you registered from website, you have the admission for the event. We will ask you to hand in your business card at the reception for entry.
Can I cancel my registration?
Yes. You don’t need to inform secretariat for cancellation. As for the paid seminar, please contact; info-irex@media.nikkan.co.jp
Can I register for the various projects which are to be held in the venue?
No, we don’t accept registration for those projects. You can directly visit the venue for participation.

3.FAQ / About registration

Do I have to belong to a company or organization for registration?
No. Please fill as ‘General’ in the “Name of your company/organization” item in the registration form.
When will the registration close?
Registration will close on 15:00, 2nd, Dec. (the last day of exhibition). Please note that each exhibition closes on a different date;
*WASH And CLEAN/ Monodzukuri/ SAMPE JAPAN/
→ 1st (Fri), Dec.
*International Robot/ Parts Feeder/
→ 2nd(Sat) ,Dec.
Why don’t I receive the auto-reply email after registration?
Please check if any of the followings occurs;
1. Registration is not successfully completed.
2. Your registered email address is incorrect.
3. Auto-reply email is sorted as spam.
4. Because of your PC security settings.
What if I forgot to/ or could not print out the auto-reply email?
Please show the registration number in the email shown on your smartphone or tablet at reception. Otherwise, you have to either register again or pay admission charge for entrance.
Why can’t I log in to ‘My page’?
For log-in to your ‘My Page’, you need your ID and password sent to your email address once your registration is completed (titled as ‘Pre-Registration Completion’). Please try manual input (do not copy and paste) of your ID and password in order to avoid reading error.


How can I make a registration as a press?
Please make a registration through web site from the end of Oct.
Can I shoot videos or photos in the venue?
As a rule, video and photo shootings are not allowed in the venue. As for the respective exhibited items, please ask each exhibitor for permission.
How can I see the News or TV shows regarding iREX broadcasted so far?
We are sorry that we don’t have a grasp of all the broadcasted materials as numbers of media has been covering iREX 2017.