Exhibit Categories

Industrial Robots (IR)

Robot Manufacturing Systems

  • For resin shaping
  • For press
  • For welding (Arc, Spot, Laser, etc.)
  • For painting
  • For machining (Load, Unload, Cut, Polish, Deburr)
  • For assembly
  • For electronic component mounting
  • For receiving and shipping
  • For material handling and conveyance
  • For picking, alignment, and packing
  • For clean rooms
  • For food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals
  • For measurement, inspection, test, and certification
  • For research, development, and demonstration

Component Technology / Devices

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Big data
  • Cloud
  • Machine learning and deep learning
  • Controller
  • Computer-control
  • OS / Middleware
  • Software
  • FA Equipment
Vibration / Sensor / Control
  • Motors
  • Joints
  • Hydraulic devices
  • Actuators
  • Robot arms and hands
  • Electronic devices
  • Conveyance devices
  • End effectors
  • Variable reducers and reducers
  • Measurement equipment
  • Sensors
  • Recognition technology (Image, Sound, Contact, etc.)
  • Gears and screws
  • Cables
  • Components
  • Jigs

Robot SIer(Robot System Integrator)

  • Development and design
  • For factories
  • For logistics and retail
  • For service industry
  • Other

Robot Simulation & Vision Systems (IRV)

Robot Simulation
  • Simulation systems, Simulation software, Application software, Robot teaching systems,
    Various digital industry system-related components, CAD, CAM
Vision Systems
  • Image processing devices, Lighting, Light sources, VR and AR, CCD cameras, Micro cameras, Lenses,
    Image recognition devices, Measurement / analysis systems, Image processing software, Sensors,
    Machine vision

Service Robots (SR)

Service Robots

Nursing Care / Welfare / Medical Care
  • Mobile / transferring assist, Bathing / toilet assist, Rehabilitation assist, Watch services,
    Surgery assist, Surgery simulation, Communication
Agriculture / Forestry / Fishery / Food
  • Work assist, Automated harvesting, Weeding, Quality control, Food(Wrapping, Packaging)
Infrastructure / Disaster Response / Construction
  • Inspection, Maintenance, Search, Various specific environments(Nuclear energy, Electric, Gas, Outer space, Undersea, etc.), Public works and construction, Research and development, UAV (Drones)
  • Security, Reception, Guidance, Customer service, Cooking assist, Cleaning, Communication, Entertainment, Logistics, Automated vehicles, UAV (Drones)
Education and Skills Development
  • Education, Educational materials (Programming, etc.), Generic platforms, Publications

Component Technology / Devices

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Big data
  • Cloud
  • Machine learning and deep learning
  • Controller
  • Computer-control
  • OS / Middleware
  • Software
  • FA Equipment
Vibration / Sensor / Control
  • Simulation software
  • Motors
  • Cable connectors
  • Component technology for service robots
  • Sensors
  • Recognition technology (Image, Sound, Contact, etc.)
Next-Generation UI (User Interface)
  • VR / AR
  • Wearable tech

Booth Type, Fee / Schedule

Booth Rental Fee

1 booth (Width 2.97m x Depth 2.97m x Height 2.7m) Approx. 9m² (fee does not include tax)

Japan Robot Association Corporate Supporting Members
JPY 340,000
JPY 380,000

* In following with the amendment to the Consumption Tax Law, consumption tax in Japan will be raised to 10% from October 1, 2019. Because of this, regardless of the date of payment, the booth rental fee for the International Robot Exhibition 2019 will fall under the new consumption tax rate. If the date of the tax hike is extended, the difference will be refunded to exhibitors. This also applies to Exhibitor Seminar fees.

Booth Specs

Inline Booths

  • Booth Dimensions: Width: 2.97m, Depth 2.97m
  • A back wall, partition and projecting company sign (W45cm×H30cm) will be provided.
  • A system panel (white surface) will be used as the back wall and the partition.
  • For corner booths, side walls will not be erected on the aisle side.
  • Carpet is not included.
Inline Booths

* The above figures are center-to-center dimensions.

Peninsular Booths & Island Booths

  • For the surface area, width and depth of the booths, please refer to the dimensions of the booth specs illustration.
  • A partition and a projecting company sign (W45cm×H30cm) will be provided.
  • A system panel (white surface) will be used as the partition.
  • Projecting sign will be placed by the secretariat somewhere in plain sight after each booth has been set-up.
  • The positioning and dimensions of the island booths will be clearly marked on the floor.
  • Carpet is not included.
Peninsular booths

* The above figures are center-to-center dimensions.

Island booths

Decoration Regulations

Height restrictions on decorations

The height restrictions for decorations in the booth are as follows. (There is no height restriction for exhibited devices and systems.)

  • Inline booths: 2.7m or less (See Fig. 1)

    (3.6m or less if set back 1m from aisles and foundation panels)

  • Peninsular booths: 3.6m or less (See Fig. 2)

    (4.5m or less if set back 1m from aisles and foundation panels)

    (2.7m or less in 1m space between booth and next booth)

  • Island booths: 3.6m or less

    (4.5m or less if set back 1m from aisles) (See Fig. 3)

Height restrictions on decorations
Rules about fully-enclosed booths

When building barriers (walls) on the side of the booth that faces traffic and other booths, the width of the structure must be 1/2 or less the area of the booth. The remaining half must be of a seethrough structure (glass, louvers, parapet). Also ensure any walls, shelves, etc. are 90cm or less in height. (See Fig. 4)

Full-enclosure Regulations
Decision on booth locations

The secretariat will decide the location of booths by taking into consideration such matters as exhibit field, exhibit scale, and past exhibit records. Kindly note that requests for specific locations are not accepted.

Application Procedures

How to Apply to Exhibit

Fill in the required items in the Application Form and send it to the secretariat by e-mail.

Application Form

* Please note that your application may not be accepted if the contents of the proposed exhibit do not suit the objectives of this exhibition.

* Number of booths assigned to exhibitors may be adjusted based on capacity of the venue and application volume.

Application Deadline

Jun. 28 (Fri.), 2019

* Kindly note that applications will be closed earlier than the deadline if all spaces are booked.

Booth Rental Fee Payment

Upon confirmation of the Application Form, the secretariat will issue an invoice. Please be sure to pay the booth rental fee within one month from the date you received the invoice.

Change or Cancellation of Exhibit Contracts

Any changes or cancellations of booths already applied-for shall be made in writing and approved by the secretariat. The following cancellation fees will be charged.

The following cancellation fees will be charged.

A pplication acceptance → Jun. 28 (Fri.), 2019
50% of Booth Rental Fee
Jun. 29 (Sat.), 2019 or after
100% of Booth Rental Fee

Send your Application to:

Secretariat, “International Robot Exhibition 2019”

c/o THE NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN, LTD. Event Business Department

14-1, Nihombashi Koami-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8548, Japan

E-mail : irex@media.nikkan.co.jp


June 28 (Fri.)
Exhibitor Application Deadline
Early September
Announcement of booth allocation Sending of Exhibitor Manual

The Exhibitor Manual will cover information about move-in / out, decoration work, fire / accident prevention, electric work and other regulations and advice.

Early October
Deadline for required documents
December 15 (Sun.) ‒ 17 (Tue.)
Move-in and decoration work (move-in day will differ depending on the number of booths)
December 18 (Wed.) ‒ 21 (Sat.)
December 21 (Sat.) ‒ 22 (Sun.)
Move-out and removal (shortly after exhibition closing on the 21st)

[Some halls will have move-in on December 16 (Mon.) to 17 (Tue.) and both move-out and removal on the 21st]

Exhibitor Seminars

Seminar Room within iREX2019

Capacity: 100 people

Equipment: Podium, Computer, Projector, Microphone, Screen, Chairs

JPY 100,000 (plus tax) / 1 session
Up to 40 min (incl. Q&A) / 1 session
Available Sessions
24 sessions from Dec. 18 (Wed) to 21 (Sat)
Time Schedule
Dec. 18 (Wed.) Dec. 19 (Thu.) Dec. 20 (Fri.) Dec. 21 (Sat.)
10:30 - 11:10 A G M S
11:30 - 12:10 B H N T
12:30 - 13:10 C I O U
13:30 - 14:10 D J P V
14:30 - 15:10 E K Q W
15:30 - 16:10 F L R X
  • Seminar presenters must be part of a company or organization exhibiting at iREX2019.
  • Seminar presenters are expected to prepare their own handouts and other materials.
  • Admission will be free for all sessions.
  • Interpretation will not be provided.
Application Deadline
June 28 (Fri) 2019 (Applications will be closed when all time slots are booked) Exhibitor Seminars

Promotion and Advertising

Various promotions within Japan and overseas will be carried out to attract visitors who are users directly linked to new businesses.


The exhibition will be announced in the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, a general newspaper on industrial affairs, to mobilize visitors, Coverage such as introductions and feature articles on exhibitors will ensure the end users come to the exhibition.

Advertisements will also be placed in other industry papers.


Invitations (approximately 900,000) for the International Robot Exhibition will be distributed in order to mobilize visitors from a broad range of business sectors.

Invitation cards printed in English and Chinese will be sent to embassies and robot-related organizations around the world in order to attract visitors from overseas.

Web / Online Media

Exhibitors and major exhibit products will be posted on the official website.

Exhibition and robot-related information will be introduced on the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun website (PV: approx. 8 million per month) in order to attract visitors.


The latest robot news will be disseminated by “Newswitch” which is the online media of Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun.

News Releases / Press Events

News releases with information about the exhibition will be sent to approximately 500 media outlets in Japan and overseas. Further, press events will be held for various types of media to promote the event.

Direct Mailing / E-mail

Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun has a database of approximately 200,000 people who have attended exhibitions, seminars, and forums in the past who will be informed about the exhibition through the mailing list.

Overseas Promotion

The exhibition is promoted overseas in China, other Asian countries, Europe, and more to mobilize over 10,000 visitors from overseas.

With the cooperation of overseas-affiliated organizations and embassies, we aim to attract mainly robot users to the International Robot Exhibition.

PR booths are set up at robot exhibitions in other countries in order to mobilize visitors.

  • China International Robot Show
  • China International Industry Fair
  • Robot World (Korea)
  • Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robot Show
  • Automatica (Germany) …and more

iREX 2017 Data

Exhibition Scale

Number of exhibitors
612companies and organizations
Number of booths

●Exhibitors from overseas

88companies and organizations


14countries(USA, Italy, Germany, France, Denmark, Israel, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, Canada, Slovakia, China, Korea, Taiwan)

Number of Visitors

DateWeatherNumber of Visitors
Nov. 29 (Wed.)SunnySunny29,613
Nov. 30 (Thu.)CloudyCloudy34,531
Dec. 1 (Fri.)SunnySunny41,035
Dec. 2 (Sat.)SunnySunny25,301

* No. of visitors from overseas (out of the total visitors) : 9,841 from 82 countries.

Trend in number of visitors

Trend in No. of Exhibitors/Booths

Exhibitor List (from 2017 exhibition)

Exhibitor List (from iREX2017)

Results of Visitor Questionnaire (30,000 responses)

Q1. Which industry are you involved in?
Q2. What is your occupation?
Q3. What is your position?
Q4. What is the purpose of your visit? (multiple answers allowed)