Exhibitor List

Concurrent Events

The following concurrent events will be held in INTERNATIONAL ROBOT EXHIBITION 2022. Please contact the secretariat or each industry association for how to apply.

Entering into the space business industry of private-sector companies has been increasing remarkably. Not only manufacturing and launching of rockets and artificial satellites, there are possibilities of creating new business opportunities in this field. This exhibition covers the entire space business industry including robots, related various products and services specialized in the space development business.

詳細 ⇒ https://biz.nikkan.co.jp/eve/isiex/en/index.html

Organizer THE NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN  Sponsors AMADA / CITIZEN MACHINERY / Sodick / Japan Machine Tool Builders’ Association / ROKU-ROKU SANGYO

This exhibition aims to share the fun of Japanese Monozukuri (handcraft /manufacturing), craftsmanship, and its value with a wide range of people, especially young people. We hope visitors can find surprises and interests in the exhibited products and pass what they learn and feel on to the next generation.
"Good Factory Shop" introduces "good" products filled with Japanese craftmanship, wisdom, sense and gimmicks made in a Japanese factory. It will be held at Tokyo Big Sight West Hall.

詳細 ⇒ https://newswitch.jp/feature/detail/87

*Only available in Japanese

Organizer THE NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN Date Mar. 12 (Sat.) Venue West 3, 4 Halls

This exhibition popped up from "INTERNATIONAL ROBOT EXHIBION 2017" will be held for the 3rd time. With the theme of "Past and Future", workshops that can be enjoyed by a wide range of age groups will be carried out. In these workshops, visitors are able to do a craft, experience a robot, think about the future robots from the history of INTERNATIONAL ROBOT EXHIBITION.

Floor Map

Free shuttle bus


FAQ / About admission and entry

1. FAQ / Admission and Entry

1. How can I register for entry?

Pre-registration is required to enter the venue. Please pre-register on the official website by providing your personal information such as name, address, phone number and email address and also answering some questionnaires. You can register only 1 person with one email address.

Registration Form: https://irex.nikkan.co.jp/account/form

Please download an entry pass on My Page, print it in color in A4 paper and bring it to the venue. Folder for an entry pass is available onsite.

2. Is there an advanced sale of admission ticket?
No. Please pre-register on the official website(admission for free) or purchase a ticket(\1,000 per person) at reception on site.
3. Can children visit the show?
Yes. Junior high school students or under can enter for free and no registration is required. Please come to reception onsite.
iREX2022 is basically a business tradeshow so please keep your eyes on small children and cooperate not to interrupt business meetings. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.
4. Do I have to belong to a company or organization for registration?
Non-workers are also welcome to enter. High school students and older will be charged ¥1,000 for admission, but if they register for admission, they will be admitted free of charge.
Registration Form: https://irex.nikkan.co.jp/account/form
5. Do you have “group registration”?
Group registration is not available.
Please register on the official website one by one.
Besides, there’s no parking area for buses. Please use a parking nearby.
6. Do you have a parking lot?
Yes. You can use the parking at Tokyo Big Sight for fee but it will be very crowded during the show period. No free parking is available. Please use public transportation as much as possible.
7. How can I enter the venue multiple times during the exhibition?
Single entry pass allows you to enter the venue multiple times throughout the period in East 1-8 Halls and West 3&4 Halls.
8. Do I need a business card for entry?
No. However, we will ask you to provide us your personal information. (e.g. Name, Address, Phone No., e-mail,).
9. How can I get to the venue?
The followings are the nearest stations.
■East Halls / West halls
‘Kokusai-Tenjijo’ station (Rinkai line) or
‘Tokyo Big Sight’ station (Yurikamome line).
For details, please refer to the official website of Tokyo Big Sight.
10. Is there a shuttle bus service between East Halls and West Halls?
Yes, there is a free shuttle bus between East 1-8 Halls and West 3&4 Halls every five to ten minutes. Please check the following website for bus hours and departure and arrival locations.
Free shuttle bus
11. Can I dine at Tokyo Big Sight?
There are several restaurants in Tokyo Big Sight Please refer to the official website of Tokyo Big Sight for details.
Food trucks and stores selling some refreshments are available in East 8 Hall. Please note that it will be very crowdedduring breakfast time.
12. Is there a hotel near Tokyo Big Sight?
Please refer to the following website for hotel information.
13. How do I know the name of exhibitors and the location of their booths in the venue?
Please refer to the following floor map.
Floor Map

2. FAQ/ Visitor Registration

14. Do I have to belong to a company or organization for registration?
No. Please fill as ‘General’ or ‘Student’ in the “Name of your company/organization” item in the registration form.
Pre-registration Form: https://irex.nikkan.co.jp/account/form
15. When will the registration close?
Registration will close on Mar. 12 (Sat.) 4:00 p.m. (the last day of exhibition). However, iREX2022 ONLINE can be accessible until Mar. 18 (Fri.) (the last day of ONLINE exhibition)
16. What if I forgot to/ or could not print out the auto-reply email?
Please come to the reception counter. You may be asked to wait for a long time depending on how crowded the reception counter is. Please understand this in advance.

※Please refer to FAQ for pre-registration


3. FAQ/Forum / Seminar & Concurrent Event

17. Do I have to pre-register to attend form / seminar?
Although those who pre-registered for the forum / seminar have the priority for the seats, you may attend a paid and/or free forum / seminar for the on-site registration, only if there are vacancies. (*Please note that we cannot necessarily assure your seat)
18. What if pre-registration cannot be made for a forum / seminar as there is no vacancy?
Only when there are vacancies, on-site applicants can queue up for on-site registration 30 minutes before the opening time. Seats will be open for them 5 minutes before the opening time only when there are vacancies. Please be advised that we cannot assure your seat even if you queue up for the on-site registration.
19. What if I forgot to bring the printed entry pass for a forum / seminar?
Please show the confirmation email shown on your smartphone or tablet at reception. If you don’t have the email, you will be treated as those who wish to attend on that day. (Please refer to the aforementioned No.17, 18)
20. Can I cancel my registration?
You don’t need to inform secretariat for cancellation. However, it would be appreciated if you could cancel your registration on My Page and release your seat. As for the paid seminar, please contact each seminar address.
21. Can I pre-register for the various projects which are to be held in the venue?
No, we don’t accept pre-registration for those projects. You can directly visit the venue for participation.

4. Press Registration / Media

22. How can I make a registration as a press?
Please register in advance from the Press Registration Form below.
On the day, please come to the press reception at East 2 Hall. You can borrow a “press certificate” in exchange for your business card. There is also a press room.
*Your media materials may be required at the time of reception.
23. Can I shoot videos or photos in the venue?
As a rule, video and photo shootings are not allowed in the venue. As for the respective exhibited items, please ask each exhibitor for permission.
24. How can I see the News or TV shows regarding iREX broadcasted so far?
We are sorry that we don’t have a grasp of all the broadcasted materials. Please search the exhibitor search site below, or visit us and check the exhibition booth yourself.

5. Measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

25. What kind of measures to be taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection?
iREX2022 (Mar.9 (Wed.)-12 (Sat.), 2022) will take appropriate measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection and comply with the event holding restrictions set by the government, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Japan Exhibition Association and Tokyo Big Sight.

* Specific measures against COVID-19 will be implemented based on the policies and guidelines by Tokyo Big Sight and Japan Exhibition Association.

Tokyo Big Sight.
Japan Exhibition Association