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Free shuttle bus

We provide “Free shuttle bus” between Aomi Halls and West/South Halls.

Operation dates :
December 18 (Wed.) to 21 (Sat.)
Operation time :
9:30am to 5:00pm (Until 4:00pm for last day)
about 5 to 10 minute intervals

*You may have to wait long time depends on traffic on the day.

Regarding bus stations, please check “Free shuttle bus stations”

Regarding “Free shuttle bus” separately provided by Tokyo Big Sight, please check as the following:


FAQ / About admission and entry

1. FAQ / About admission and entry

1. Please tell me how I can register.

An admission pass is necessary to enter the hall. Applicants must provide their personal information including: name, address, telephone number, e-mail, and survey responses in order to have a pass issued. See the following methods for acquiring a pass. A holder for the admission pass will be supplied at the venue.

  • ① Online Advance Registration (free)

    Fill out the online form on the website with the required information to register. After registering, download an admission pass and print it out on A4 paper in color and bring it to the venue on the day of the event.

  • ② Same-day Registration with an Invitation (free)

    Fill out all the fields on the invitation and bring it to the registration desk at the venue to exchange it for an admission pass.

  • ③ Purchasing an Admission Pass at the Venue (¥1000 per person)

    During the exhibition, visitors may pay an entry fee and get an admission pass without supplying any personal information. (Not available for sale in advance)

2. Are entry tickets sold in advance?
There are no advance tickets sold for this exhibition. However, during the exhibition, visitors may pay an entry fee and acquire an admission pass without having to supply any personal information.
3. Do children have admission to the venue?
Children age of 15 or under can enter for free (registration also unnecessary). A person aged 16 and above needs either web registration or an invitation for free admission. Please note that this exhibition is mainly for business purposes. We sincerely ask visitors with children to take good care of them in order to avoid any unexpected accidents.
4. Do I have to belong to a company or organization for admission?
No. Although people aged 16 or above costs ¥1000, those who have registered or have an invitation can enter for free.
5. Should any specific application be needed if we plan to visit the venue in a group?
This event does not offer group registration. Either register each person on the website individually, or bring the invitations to the registration desk on the day of the exhibition. Please note, by paying an entry fee (¥1000/person) people may enter the exhibition without supplying any personal information.
6. How can I enter the venue multiple times during the exhibition?
Single entry pass allows you to enter the venue multiple times throughout the exhibition period in Aomi/West/South Halls. If you wish to visit the venue for multiple days during the exhibition period, please keep your entry pass for yourself and don’t return it to the ‘Return Box’ at the exit.
7. Do I need a business card for entry?
No. However, we will ask you to provide us your personal information (e.g. Name, Address, Phone No., e-mail,).
8. How can I get to the venue?

The following are the nearest stations according to the exhibition halls.

■Aomi Halls
‘Tokyo Teleport’ station (Rinkai line) or ‘Aomi’ station (Yurikamome line).
■West halls, South halls, Conference Tower
‘Kokusai-Tenjijo’ station (Rinkai line) or ‘Tokyo Big Sight’ station (Yurikamome line).

For details, please refer to the official website of Tokyo Big Sight.

9. Is there a shuttle service between Aomi Halls and West/south Halls?

Yes, there is a complimentary shuttle service (free of charge) between Aomi Halls and West/south Halls every five to ten minutes. Please check the following website for bus hours and departure and arrival locations.


Separately, please check the following website for information on “Free Shuttle Bus” operated by Tokyo Big Sight.

10. Can I dine at Tokyo Big Sight?
There are several restaurants in Tokyo Big Sight (Please refer to the official website of Tokyo Big Sight for details.). We are also offering some refreshments in the venue. Please note that it will be very crowded during lunch time.
11. Is there a hotel near Tokyo Big Sight?
Please refer to the following website for hotel information.
12. How do I know the name of exhibitors and the location of their booths in the venue?
The floor map of the venue is going to be updated in the early December on our website. Please wait for a while

2. FAQ/ About registration

13. Do I have to belong to a company or organization for registration?

No. Please fill as ‘General’ or ‘Student’ in the “Name of your company/organization” item in the registration form.

Preregistration Form;

14. When will the registration close?
Registration will close on 16:00, 21th, Dec. (the last day of exhibition).
15. Why don’t I receive the auto-reply email after registration?

Please check if any of the followings occurs;

  • 1. Registration is not successfully completed.
  • 2. Your registered email address is incorrect.
  • 3. Auto-reply email is sorted as spam.
  • 4. Because of your PC security settings.
16. What if I forgot to/ or could not print out the auto-reply email?
Please show the registration number in the email shown on your smartphone or tablet at reception. Otherwise, you have to either register again or pay admission charge for entrance.
17. Why can’t I log in to ‘My page’?
For log-in to your ‘My Page’, you need your ID and password sent to your email address once your registration is completed (titled as ‘Pre-Registration Completion’). Please try manual input (do not copy and paste) of your ID and password in order to avoid reading error.

3. FAQ/About simultaneous events

18. Do I have to pre-register to attend the simultaneous event?
Although those who pre-registered for the event have the priority for the seats, you may attend paid and/or free events for the on-site registration, only if there are vacancies (*Please note that we cannot necessarily assure your seat).
19. What if pre-registration cannot be made as there is no vacancy?
Only when there are vacancies, on-site applicants can queue up for on-site registration 30 minutes before the opening time. Seats will be open for them 5 minutes before the opening time only when there are vacancies. Please be advised that we cannot assure your seat even if you queue up for the on-site registration.
20. What if I forgot to bring the printed

entry pass for a simultaneous event?

You will be treated as those who wish to attend on that day. (Please refer to the aforementioned No.20, 21)

21. Can I cancel my registration?
Yes. You don’t need to inform secretariat for cancellation. As for the paid seminar, please contact each seminar address.
22. Can I pre-register for the various projects which are to be held in the venue?
No, we don’t accept pre-registration for those projects. You can directly visit the venue for participation.

4. Others

23. ‘How can I make a registration as a press?

Please register in advance from the Press Registration Form below.


On the day, please come to Aomi Halls / West Halls press reception. You can borrow a “press certificate” in exchange for your business card. There is also a press room.

*Your media materials may be required at the time of reception.

24. Can I shoot videos or photos in the venue?
As a rule, video and photo shootings are not allowed in the venue. As for the respective exhibited items, please ask each exhibitor for permission.
25. How can I see the News or TV shows regarding iREX broadcasted so far?

We are sorry that we don’t have a grasp of all the broadcasted materials.

Please search the exhibitor search site below, or visit us and check the exhibition booth yourself.