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Exhibition Focus

  • Earthquake Countermeasure (Earthquake early warning system, Earthquake-resistant technology, etc.)
  • Fire Countermeasure (Fire alarm, Fire extinguisher, Firefighting system ,etc.)
  • Tsunami /Flood Countermeasure (Water cutoff board, Pump, Waterproof shutter, Observation system, etc.)
  • Sediment Disaster Countermeasure (Landslide/ Falling rocks detection system, Sandbag, GPS/GIS, etc.)
  • Thunder Damage Countermeasure(Lightning arrester, Computer backup system, etc.)
  • Gust of Wind / Tornado Countermeasure (Weather monitoring technology, Analysis system, etc.)
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Equipment for temporary evacuation (Temporary dwelling, Disaster-site toilet, etc.)
  • Medical / Nursing Support (Emergency carrier system, etc.)
  • Comprehensive Disaster Prevention System
    (Lifeline restoration, Hazard map, Disaster prevention consultant,etc.)
  • Support equipment for those who have difficulty returning home
    (Water filter, Water maker, Homecoming support tool, Portable toilet, Saving for emergency, Emergency provision, etc.)

Target Visitors

  • Government, Municipality, Public institution
  • Transportation Facilities/ Lifeline Provider
  • Medical Institution / Public Institution / Nursing Facility / Commercial Facility
  • Building Industry
  • Education / Research Institution
  • Participants of World Bosai Forum / Bosai Kokutai